Ways to Outfit Your Charter Boat

Living in a small space with 7 other people is difficult, especially if you have all your vacation gear and you are used to a house.

We recently chartered The Orion and we loved some of the amenities they had added to their boat.

Shoe Storage


When you first get on the boat, you see a blue bag hanging. We found it the ideal place to stash all of our shoes. (Note, if you brought non-waterproof shoes on your boating trip, don’t stash them here.) It kept them all organized, in one place and out of the way. All sand stayed off the boat and even our least organized kid found it easy to follow this process.

Main Salon Organization & Storage


Baskets every where. In the main salon they had lots of cloth sided baskets. We used some for fruit, some for gadgets, some for games, some for snacks … they were super useful for staying organized and looking like we had a tidy space.

Fishing Rod Holders


Fishing rod holder. We usually bring one so it was nice to know that the Orion had one. It’s useful to have a holder when you are fishing and¬†sailing. While everyone watches the pole, few want to sit there and hold it for hours.

Bath Mats


Another feature we like is one we found on CYOA boats: bathmats. They have bathmats in the main salon as you come in and in the hulls. It really cuts down on slips and falls. We now carry a bathmat with us to put in the main salon right as you come in the door. If you don’t want to carry one, or you forget, a towel also works well.

What amenity do you like best on boats you’ve chartered?