Fishing gear you need to take to the British Virgin Islands


Catching fish in the BVI can be a lot of fun. It makes for a great grilled dinner as well!

Here’s the gear we were using when we caught this mahi-mahi south of St. Thomas:

Here’s some of the gear you’ll want to take with you.

Reel. You’ll want a strong reel that’s easy to use – pulling in those big fish can take a lot of strength and can take a while. We also take some paracord to tie the reel to the boat so it won’t get lost overboard if a fish grabs it out of someone’s hands!

Paracord. We use paracord to tie the reel to the boat so it won’t go overboard if the fish turns out to be stronger than the fisherman. Bright colored paracord is also handy for making underwater straps for cameras, marking mooring lines for divers and just practicing knots with.

Fishing line. You’ll want 40 pound test or you’ll lose a couple of big ones … we still think we would have caught that big one north of Tortola!

Pliers or vice grips. You’ll want these to get the fish off the hook – especially if you catch a barracuda or two.

Lures. You’ll want a variety of lures to figure out what works on a given day or place. Here are some of the ones we like: Williamson Wahoo CatcherWilliamson Tuna Catcher and Boone Feather Trolling Jig.

Knife. A good knife comes in handy for gutting fish so you can have sushi or grilled fish for dinner.

Hooks. You’ll probably use lures while trolling but if you fish off the back of your boat at night or if you use bait, you’ll want some hooks.

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While you are planning, here are some other useful things to pack: