Coral Nurseries doing well in the BVI

As much as 27% of the world’s coral reefs have been lost, and much of the remaining is at risk of of coral bleaching, including the reef in the BVI.

So with permission from the BVI government, the Association of Reef Keepers (ARK) started several coral nurseries this summer in the BVI and they are doing well!

A coral nursery is a place where small broken coral fragments are “planted” to start a colony. They are then watched and maintained and as they grow, the bigger branches are clipped to start new colonies. The healthy coral is then “harvested” and transplanted to local, damaged reefs.

In June 2015, ARK started 2 nurseries near Little Thatch Island and Virgin Gorda. Each nursery has 10 PVC structures and is populated with elkhorn and staghorn corals. ARK’s program closely follows a successful model being used in the USVI where over 10,000 coral have been raised and transplanted to “wild” reefs.

ARK is looking for volunteers to help maintain the nurseries. They need divers with 50+ dives with at least 20 in the past year.